This Valentine’s Day, T asked five writers to compose a love letter (of sorts) to an actor or fictional character who has been nominated — or, in one case, passed over — this year for the 91st Academy Awards. Here, the writer Hilton Als, who curated the exhibition “God Made My Face: A Collective Portrait of James Baldwin,” on view now at David Zwirner gallery, shares a letter to the actor Rachel Weisz, who earned a nomination for best supporting actress for her role as Lady Sarah in “The Favourite.”

  One of the more difficult aspects of life in Manhattan is finding a way to cope with acquaintances who toil in what is commonly referred to as the arts but who, despite producing plays, movies, books and the like, fail to make art. While talent or a lack thereof is certainly a factor when it comes to all this, what separates the true artist from the artist in name only, is a certain fearlessness, the ability to put one foot in front of the other without exactly knowing where they will land but trusting that the imprint they make will be distinctive, and look real in an imaginary world.

  I first saw the artist Rachel Weisz onstage in the 2013 revival of Harold Pinter’s 1978 play, “Betrayal.” In it, Rachel played Emma, a woman on the run from love even as she rushes toward it. And what I remember about Rachel’s entrance — I did not know her then — was how alive she was to remorse and recklessness and possibility, a mournfulness that emanated from her being even before she said a word. Or filled one of Pinter’s famous pauses with the hope of love, or a gesture of defiance, or resignation. A stage performance is, perforce, different than working in film, but it was while watching her in “Betrayal” that I recalled the anguish she displays in the 2012 film “The Deep Blue Sea.” There, Rachel exhibited a similar understanding, or should I say intuitive grasp, of what it was like — is like — to be on the outs with one’s inner self. I saw “The Deep Blue Sea” at a sad time in my life, and I met Rachel several years after I had seen her work in that movie, and onstage, and what she responded to almost at once was how my sadness was turning to something like hope.

  As an artist and preternaturally optimistic person, Rachel wanted me to use my sadness and tentative joy in the work I meant to do, and that Rachel wanted me to do. (She is as romantic and realistic about writers as I am about performers.) This is more unusual than you think. In a world where the talented and untalented alike live and work under a number of insecurities and emotional demands no amount of attention can ever satisfy, envy and competition are par for the course. But you won’t find those ugly stones on Rachel’s course. She’s as interested in my process and where it might lead me as an artist as she is in her own, and yours, too. I never have to lie to her out of politeness, or to protect our friendship, because as a performer and as a woman, she insists on the truth. She has helped save my life in a number of ways, including helping to steer me back to life and, specifically, the complications and satisfaction to be found in love, and I love her for it.



  跑狗玄机粤彩三语“【还】【好】,【有】【吃】【有】【穿】【的】,【饿】【不】【着】。”【四】【爷】【笑】【笑】,【长】【途】【奔】【波】,【又】【在】【宫】【里】【呆】【了】【几】【日】,【现】【在】【的】【四】【爷】,【疲】【惫】【的】【很】,【眼】【下】【都】【是】【青】【黑】【色】。 【如】【果】【不】【是】【心】【里】【念】【着】【眼】【前】【的】【人】,【也】【不】【会】【撑】【到】【现】【在】。 【说】【了】【几】【句】【话】,【站】【着】【就】【给】【睡】【着】【了】。 【叶】【眉】【一】【惊】,【扶】【着】【四】【爷】【把】【人】【安】【置】【床】【榻】【上】,【拿】【着】【毛】【巾】【擦】【拭】【一】【下】【四】【爷】【的】【脸】。 【轻】【轻】【的】【胡】【茬】【冒】【出】【来】,【已】【经】

  【每】【隔】【一】【段】【时】【间】【都】【会】PY【几】【本】【新】【书】,【今】【天】【准】【备】【了】【三】【本】,【大】【家】【可】【以】【去】【看】【看】。 【第】【一】【本】:《【刺】【客】【的】【万】【界】【之】【旅】》 “【我】【是】【一】【个】【刺】【客】。”【无】【论】【何】【时】【何】【地】,【苏】【宇】【都】【如】【是】【说】【道】。 【于】【是】,【漫】【威】【世】【界】【里】,【他】【用】【拳】【头】【怼】【翻】【了】【绿】【胖】【子】; DC【世】【界】【里】,【他】【用】【法】【术】【轰】【趴】【了】【雷】【霆】【沙】【赞】; 【艾】【泽】【拉】【斯】【大】【陆】【上】,【他】【和】【精】【灵】【们】【以】【弓】【箭】【技】【艺】【一】【决】【高】

  【等】【到】【二】【夫】【人】【院】【里】【的】【小】【厮】【领】【着】【吴】【管】【事】【等】【人】【离】【开】,【隐】【在】【周】【边】【的】【下】【人】【才】【渐】【渐】【退】【去】。 【而】【此】【时】【此】【刻】,【沉】【浸】【在】【美】【梦】【中】【的】【韩】【王】【氏】【并】【不】【知】【晓】【自】【己】【的】【麻】【烦】【很】【快】【就】【要】【到】【了】。 【当】【她】【被】【伺】【候】【的】【嬷】【嬷】【唤】【醒】【时】,【睁】【开】【眼】【看】【着】【眼】【前】【的】【黑】【暗】,【一】【时】【不】【知】【道】【发】【生】【了】【何】【事】。 “【夫】【人】,【出】【事】【了】。”【伺】【候】【韩】【王】【氏】【的】【李】【嬷】【嬷】【沉】【声】【道】。 【韩】【王】【氏】【皱】【眉】【坐】【起】【身】

  【小】【半】【仙】【没】【有】【走】【地】【图】【上】【所】【标】【的】【那】【条】【路】,【那】【条】【路】【的】【确】【是】【这】【结】【界】【中】【最】【轻】【松】【的】【一】【条】【路】,【但】【他】【们】【在】【明】【对】【方】【在】【暗】,【若】【是】【遇】【到】【埋】【伏】,【那】【他】【们】【真】【成】【了】【活】【靶】【子】,【所】【以】【小】【半】【仙】【带】【他】【们】【走】【了】【另】【一】【条】【路】,【他】【们】【走】【的】【这】【条】【也】【算】【是】【轻】【松】【的】,【只】【是】【若】【是】【走】【错】【几】【步】,【立】【马】【被】【那】【结】【界】【压】【成】【肉】【泥】。 【若】【不】【是】【小】【半】【仙】【带】【着】,【姜】【夕】【颜】【都】【不】【知】【道】【这】【世】【上】【有】【这】【样】【的】【地】【方】。

  【正】【午】【的】【暖】【阳】【透】【过】【树】【叶】,【在】【地】【上】【印】【出】【几】【道】【光】【斑】。 【吉】【尔】【伽】【美】【什】【和】【恩】【奇】【都】【坐】【在】【树】【下】,【手】【中】【拿】【着】【几】【块】【肉】【脯】【悠】【闲】【地】【享】【用】【着】。 “【吉】【尔】,【你】【的】【全】【知】【全】【能】【之】【星】【真】【的】【无】【法】【看】【到】【芬】【巴】【巴】【它】【的】【位】【置】【吗】?” “【在】【半】【路】【上】【突】【然】【就】【看】【不】【到】【了】,【应】【该】【是】【被】【什】【么】【人】【给】【干】【扰】【到】【了】,【想】【必】【就】【是】【之】【前】【那】【三】【个】【杂】【种】【吧】。【看】【来】【他】【们】【几】【个】【也】【盯】【上】【了】【芬】【巴】【巴】,【为】跑狗玄机粤彩三语【马】【七】【本】【不】【是】【军】【中】【人】,【受】【前】【面】【影】【响】,【也】【喊】【了】【一】【句】“【在】!” 【霍】【去】【病】【道】:“【你】【且】【在】【军】【中】【休】【息】。” 【也】【不】【多】【话】,【霍】【去】【病】【带】【着】【几】【个】【军】【侯】【校】【尉】,【跨】【步】【出】【了】【大】【帐】。 【不】【到】【一】【盏】【茶】【时】【间】,【营】【寨】【大】【门】【开】【启】,【三】【支】【人】【马】【鱼】【贯】【出】【营】。 【马】【七】【心】【中】【不】【由】【再】【赞】【一】【声】:“【好】【一】【支】【精】【锐】【部】【队】!” 【一】【盏】【茶】,【就】【是】【三】【五】【分】【钟】【时】【间】,【霍】【去】【病】【的】【大】【军】

  【小】【区】【基】【本】【信】【息】pk【铁】【路】【设】【计】【院】【家】【属】【院】 【甘】【肃】【省】【青】【少】【年】【科】【技】【活】【动】【中】【心】【家】【属】【院】 【区】【县】【商】【圈】 【火】【车】【站】 【雁】【滩】【南】 【小】【区】【地】【址】 【红】【山】【根】【西】【路】344 【雁】【南】【路】1796 【建】【筑】【年】【代】 2009-01-03 2001-01-01 【总】【户】【数】 - - 【容】【积】【率】 - - 【物】【业】【公】【司】 - 【商】【辰】【物】【业】 【物】【业】【费】 0.8【元】/【平】【米】·【月】 0.6【元】/【平】【米】·【月】

  “【啪】!” 【就】【在】【赵】【经】【理】【狰】【狞】【怒】【吼】【的】【时】【候】,【一】【个】【响】【亮】【的】【耳】【光】【响】【彻】【了】【整】【个】【房】【间】。 【这】【一】【耳】【光】【瞬】【间】【就】【将】【赵】【经】【理】【给】【打】【飞】【了】【出】【去】。 “【谁】?” 【赵】【经】【理】【有】【些】【惊】【恐】【的】【捂】【着】【脸】。 【肖】【晓】【月】【也】【停】【止】【了】【哭】【泣】,【同】【样】【有】【些】【惊】【恐】【的】【在】【房】【间】【里】【左】【右】【乱】【看】。 【唯】【独】【坐】【在】【沙】【发】【上】【的】【唐】【枫】【没】【有】【任】【何】【的】【变】【化】,【依】【然】【冷】【冷】【的】【看】【着】【赵】【经】【理】。 【空】【空】


  “【嘭】!”【又】【是】【一】【声】【巨】【响】,【在】【实】【验】【区】【最】【靠】【里】【的】【一】【间】【实】【验】【室】【里】【又】【发】【生】【了】【一】【次】【爆】【炸】。【这】【已】【经】【是】【不】【知】【道】【第】【多】【少】【次】【爆】【炸】【了】。 【在】【实】【验】【室】【里】【的】【正】【是】【艾】【伦】【和】【卡】【丽】【娜】,【望】【着】【被】【咒】【文】【炸】【的】【稀】【碎】【的】【试】【验】【台】,【两】【人】【的】【表】【情】【都】【有】【些】【沉】【重】。 “【这】【是】【第】【几】【个】【试】【验】【台】【了】?”【艾】【伦】【问】【道】。 【一】【旁】【正】【带】【着】【眼】【镜】,【仔】【细】【查】【看】【试】【验】【台】【碎】【片】【的】【卡】【丽】【娜】【回】【道】:“